Selling online

You need to be wary of fraudulent purchases when you’re selling online – your business could lose a lot of money or your reputation could be damaged.

Watch out for suspicious online orders using stolen credit cards. Warning signs include:

  • ordering the most expensive products or unusually large quantities
  • an unusual order pattern, late at night or several in rapid succession
  • using the most expensive shipping methods, international orders and shipping to PO boxes.

If you are suspicious:

  • call the buyer and ask to speak to the cardholder
  • ask for proof of name and address
  • check dubious card details with your payment provider.

Protect your business by:

  • considering limiting delivery to credit card billing addresses
  • running credit checks on new business customers
  • verifying payment receipt with your provider (for example PayPal, Visa or MasterCard) before sending goods or providing services
  • using your payment provider's fraud screening program.

If your business operates an e-commerce website make sure your servers are physically secure, running security software and the latest software updates, and monitored for unusual behaviour. Learn more about securing servers in your business.