Stay Smart Online Week 2018 kit

SSO Week 2018 - Reverse the threat

6.09 million adults in Australia experienced cybercrime in 2017.*

Cybercrime is a big problem in Australia and all over the world. The human and financial cost to businesses and society is rising every year. It’s time we put these statistics into reverse.

Each year, Stay Smart Online hosts an awareness week to empower people, business and the community to protect themselves online. Our new ‘Reverse the Threat’ campaign is designed to mobilise a movement against cybercrime with our partners and the wider community.

Reversing your branding to reverse the threat

 Reverse your website and help reverse the threat

We will be reversing our website and social pages from colour to black and white for the week to demonstrate our mission to reverse the threat of cybercrime.

We’re asking our partners to join us in a symbolic show of solidarity against cybercrime.

You can get involved by reversing your website and social pages to black and white, posting on social media, hosting an event for staff or customers, hanging posters around your office or shopfronts, or something completely different.

Every contribution adds to the impact of the campaign to help capture our audience's attention and encourage them to take steps to lock down their online security.

How to get involved

Reverse your social channels

Swap your social media profile pictures and cover photos to black and white. Share our campaign images, tips and advice to help your followers reverse the threat of cybercrime and protect themselves.

Reverse your web pages

Grab your customer’s attention by transforming your web pages to black and white for a day or the week, or load the web banner to your homepage and steer your customers to the Stay Smart Online website for tips and advice.

Reverse amplification

Use the pre-prepared social tiles, flyers, news articles, posters and infographics to communicate the key themes and get your employees, customers, friends and families thinking about their online security.

Reverse your collateral

Apply the concept to your other products or services, such as online bills, statements, receipts, PDFs or emails you send to customers during October.

Download the resources

We’ve created a full suite of digital and printable materials that can be used as they are or tailored by your marketing and design teams to suit your channel and audience needs.

Keep an eye out for new products that will be added to this page in the lead-up to the campaign.

Our campaign guide contains all the information you need to implement the campaign internally and externally with minimum fuss and maximum impact. If you haven’t received a copy of the guide or you'd like more information about Stay Smart Online Week and how you can get involved, contact us.


* Norton, Norton Cyber Security Insights Report Global Results, 2017