Top 25 most common passwords

Top 25 most common passwords news article image
5 October 2017

Is your password on the list? We hope not.

Are you a cyber security warrior or sleepwalker?

Sleep warrior news article image
4 October 2017

No matter your level of technical expertise, there are simple ways to protect yourself online.

Scams targeting older Australians

Common scams
3 October 2017

Online scammers have older Australians in their sights.

Malvertising, are you at risk?

29 September 2017

Malicious advertising (or malvertising) is a rising concern.

Safe or risky: saving passwords in your browser

stay smart online password image
19 September 2017

Definitely risky—here’s why and what you can do to be safe.

'BlueBorne' Bluetooth vulnerability

steering wheel bluetooth controls
14 September 2017

Vulnerabilities in Bluetooth have been reported; be on the lookout for Blueborne.

Beware of fake WhatsApp subscription emails

5 September 2017

WhatsApp users targeted in a phishing scam aimed at stealing banking details and personal information.

New youth platform offers online safety advice for young people

Young and esafe news article image
30 August 2017

Young & eSafe is a new youth platform that features online safety advice from young people, for young people.

Stay Smart Online Week, 9-13 October 2017

Stay Smart Online Week 9-13 October 2017
15 August 2017

Join us for Stay Smart Online Week on 9–13 October 2017.

Free Small Business Cyber Security Webinar Series

Florist talking on mobile phone while using laptop
11 August 2017

Free Small Business Cyber Security Webinar Series, 15 August–4 November 2017.

Staying safe using public Wi-Fi

People sitting in chairs holding laptops
8 August 2017

When you can’t use your mobile data, public Wi-Fi can be like finding water in the desert. But be warned, using public Wi-Fi without taking steps to protect yourself could be disastrous.