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World Backup Day 2017

21 April 2017

World Backup Day is held annually to educate and remind people how important it is to regularly back up and preserve their precious data. It is an independent initiative that was founded in San Francisco, California in March 2011.

Every year on the 31st of March, people around the world are encouraged to have a backup plan in place for their data before the first of April. And if they already have a plan, they are asked to encourage their colleagues, friends and family to backup their data before it’s too late. Especially all those pictures, spreadsheets, love letters, cat pictures, & important financial documents!

In March 2017, private organisations, individuals and government bodies from all over the world got on board to share the message – including the Stay Smart Online team.

We thought World Backup day was an excellent way to encourage people to stay smart when they’re online. We supported it by reminding people that regularly backing up their data should be part of everyday life, like having an umbrella on hand in the rain or a spare tyre in the back of the car. We made a short animated video for our online community to share. You can watch it on YouTube and see for yourself why it’s always good to have a backup.

According to the World Backup Day website, founder Ismail Jadun said, “I’m thrilled with the response to World Backup Day, and I hope it’s made a difference in people’s lives. We all know someone who has lost critical data, whether it was their videos, photos, music, book reports, or personal stuff.  Hopefully this day will make everyone think about their situation, learn about the various options and get their files backed up.  I hope that World Backup Day sparks conversations about the enormous task of saving our digital heritage for future generations.”

You can visit the World Backup Day website to learn more, including interesting statistics like 113 phones are stolen every minute and 30% of people have never backed up!

You can also learn more about backing up your data on your personal devices and business devices