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Who likes an over-sharer?

1 March 2018

We’ve all read those social media posts—maybe even posted a few—that were regrettable. 

Oversharing is rampant on social media and it goes far beyond those status updates you really wish you hadn’t read. By posting lots of personal information about yourself, partner and children — you could unknowingly be giving away details to criminals, or risking future job prospects.

Luckily for everyone, social media platforms are making it easier to manage your privacy.

Don’t be an over-sharer! Limit the personal information you post and stay safe on social media.

What are the risks?

Social media platforms often prompt you for more information about who you are.

The more personal details you share online, the easier it is for someone to steal your identity, get access to your accounts and even get credit cards in your name.

What you share can also impact your current or future employment, your business, and your real-life relationships.

How to stay safe

  • Ensure your privacy settings are set to ‘private’ so only those you are connected with and trust can see your information. Each platform manages your privacy differently, so check the settings on your social media accounts.
  • Cull your connections to people you know and want to connect with. Romance scams are a huge problem on social media so be very wary of connections you’ve never met—these profiles can be fake and designed to collect more information on you.
  • If you need to have a public account (for promotion or publicity), make it separate to your personal account and post very limited personal details and non-personal information.
  • Be careful sharing your travel information, pictures of plane tickets, your passport or other documents that may identify you.
  • Think about the images and details you share of your family and children, as these will exist online forever.
  • Check the privacy settings of children in your care and help them make safe decisions when socialising online.

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