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Watch out for fake ACSC phone scam

23 March 2018

Telephone scams - where people pretending to be from a reputable Australian business try to trick you into giving them access to your computer - are a constant threat.

We have received reports of new technical support scams where callers pretend to be from the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC). These types of scams are also called 'remote access scams' or 'impersonation scams'.

Callers pretend they are from the ACSC, or a high-profile business calling on its behalf, and tell people their computer has been compromised.

They may ask for access to your computer over the internet, or to enter a website address in your web browser and/or provide your bank account details to transfer money.

Technical support scams

Technical support and impersonation scams try to take advantage of your lack of knowledge about computers and devices.

Scammers may use technical language or play on your fear of malware or other security threats to gain remote access to your computer, or steal your credit card details.

If you get an unexpected telephone call from someone claiming to represent the ACSC, who says your computer has been infected or hacked, hang up!

The ACSC will never call you unexpectedly to ask for access to your computer or to go to a certain website, request your bank details or ask for any kind of payment.

Remember: Never give anyone your personal information such as your bank account or credit card details, or passwords.

More information

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