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Want to buy tickets to the Commonwealth Games? Read our tips to do it safely

22 December 2017

Everyone would love the chance to see some of the world’s best athletes compete at the Commonwealth Games.

With tickets still on sale for the event, to be held on the Gold Coast from 4–15 April, online scalpers and cybercriminals will be looking to cash in.

Keep a cool head and remember: if it seems too good to be true, it probably is!

Use our tips and stay safe buying tickets to the Commonwealth Games.

Only buy official

It is important to only buy tickets to the games through official ticket sales channels, which are listed on the official Commonwealth Games website at www.gc2018.com/tickets. Don’t trust search engine results as these may direct you to fake websites – only navigate to official ticket sellers.

Tickets bought from unofficial agencies, websites or second hand, for example through eBay or Gumtree, will be deemed invalid and you won’t be allowed into the venue.

Watch out for scam emails offering tickets

Be wary of emails that arrive out of the blue promising free tickets to the games. These messages may look like they come from a legitimate organisation such as the games or one of the official ticket sellers, but they can often contain a link to a fake website where you are encouraged to enter confidential details, such as your credit card details.

These scam messages can be sent via email, SMS, instant messaging or social media platforms. It can be very difficult to distinguish these malicious messages from genuine communications.

If a suspicious message appears to be from a legitimate company, contact the company directly to confirm it. Don’t use phone numbers or email addresses contained in the email; verify the correct contact details yourself through an online search or phone book.

Remember: Be wary and don’t click on links in unexpected emails or messages from people or organisations you don’t know.