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Uber data breach

23 November 2017

The personal details of 57 million people around the world were compromised in a massive data breach in late 2016 at ride sharing company Uber.

Uber’s new CEO Dara Khosrowshahi has confirmed two hackers broke into the company’s cloud-based service in late 2016 and stole the personal details of millions of users and drivers.

Mr Khosrowshahi says the company took immediate steps to secure the data and shut down further unauthorised access but did not disclose the breach to the public at the time.

He says the stolen information includes names, email addresses, phone numbers and the drivers’ license details of at least 600,000 US-based Uber drivers.

Uber says the downloaded data has been destroyed and there is no indication it was misused.

Uber users should monitor their credit card and Uber accounts and report any irregularities to Uber and their bank.

Advice to Uber users is available on the Uber website.

From February next year, the Notifiable Data Breaches scheme will require organisations covered by the Australian Privacy Act to notify any individuals likely to be at risk of serious harm by a data breach.

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