Stay Smart Online Week, 9-13 October 2017

Stay Smart Online Week 9-13 October 2017
15 August 2017

Join us for Stay Smart Online Week on 9–13 October 2017.

Free Small Business Cyber Security Webinar Series

Florist talking on mobile phone while using laptop
11 August 2017

Free Small Business Cyber Security Webinar Series, 15 August–4 November 2017.

Staying safe using public Wi-Fi

People sitting in chairs holding laptops
8 August 2017

When you can’t use your mobile data, public Wi-Fi can be like finding water in the desert. But be warned, using public Wi-Fi without taking steps to protect yourself could be disastrous.

Internet of Things: are you exposed?

Home connected to laptop
2 August 2017

In 2016, a massive online attack that targeted some of the world’s highest profile websites, used baby monitors, among other devices, to carry out the attack.

Will biometric logins keep me safer?

Security flow diagram
27 July 2017

The short answer is no, not necessarily. Whether you use passwords or biometrics, single factor authentication leaves you exposed. You need more than one level of authentication.

Top 5 cyber security mistakes: by small businesses

Florist talking on mobile phone while using laptop
21 July 2017

Many businesses make these five mistakes because cyber security is not a priority. How secure is your small business?

Top 5 cyber security mistakes: by home users

19 July 2017

Home users are just as vulnerable as businesses to malicious cyber activity. Check out the most common mistakes by home users.

Fake social media profiles on the rise

13 July 2017

Are you sure your online friends are who they say they are? Fake social media profiles expose users to serious threats including identity theft, exposure to scams and having your information used to exploit you.

Technical support scams play on global ransomware fears

Male looking at phone with coffee and computer on desk
11 July 2017

Governments and enterprises weren’t the only ones paying attention to recent global ransomware outbreaks.

Is your business ready for tax time scams?

30 June 2017

Don’t make tax time more taxing than it needs to be. Talk to your staff, understand the risks, protect your business.

Be smart, spot the scam!

Romance Scam
15 May 2017

This #FraudWeek2017 we're helping you to identify and avoid some of the common scams that take place over social networking sites.

Staying secure while on the move

Smart phone
26 April 2017

Mobile devices are basically small portable computers. Just like your computer at home they can be hacked, infected with malware and, if unsecured, provide access to your personal or work information.