How secure is your security camera?

Security camera
1 November 2018

Don’t leave your security camera vulnerable to getting hacked!

Stay Smart Online Week - it's a wrap!

SSO Week staff with campaign banner
15 October 2018

Stay Smart Online Week was a huge success!

Small businesses losing profits to sophisticated email scams

Scam victim Phoebe Bell
12 October 2018

Can your business afford to lose $10,000 to a scammer? Learn how to spot a scam and keep your business safe.

Surf safely on public Wi-Fi

Use public Wi-Fi with care
10 October 2018

Do you know how to stay safe when using public Wi-Fi?

Don’t delay – update today!

Update your software today
5 October 2018

Updating your software is one of the easiest ways to protect yourself online.

How safe is my password?

How safe is your password
5 October 2018

Passwords are your first line of defence against cybercriminals.

Biometrics - the basics

Mobile phone fingerprint scanner
12 September 2018

Everything you need to know about biometric identification for your devices.

Time to freshen up your online life!

Woman with baby using laptop computer
3 September 2018

There’s no time like the present to de-clutter and clean up your digital life.