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It’s time to update Adobe Flash Player

12 December 2018

Many people use Adobe Flash Player to watch video and multimedia, play games or view internet applications. Flash Player can be part of your web browser on your computer or an app on your mobile device. 

Adobe has released security updates for Flash Player software to help block the latest malware. These latest updates address vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash Player and Adobe Flash Player installer for Windows, macOS, Linux and Chrome OS. Adobe has provided advice about how you can update Flash Player in its Adobe Security Bulletin.

Vulnerabilities in Flash Player are some of the most popular targets for hackers. If you don’t update your Flash Player, you make yourself very open to cybercriminals who can use outdated software as an opportunity to access your computer and networks, as well as personal and financial information.

Flash Player offers automatic updates for their products. Stay Smart Online recommends that you automatically apply new software updates when they become available, to minimise the risk of you delaying or forgetting, and restrict the ability of attackers to gain access to your computer and important data. Information on automating updates is available under software updates.

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