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Facebook Australia hosts a small business event for Stay Start Online week.

16 October 2015
Facebook Australia Stay Smart Online Week event for small business

If you travel to work on public transport you will see most people have their heads buried in their smartphones.  There are some of the 9.6 million Australians who are tracking their daily Facebook Newsfeeds on their smartphones. This makes Facebook a very attractive channel for the 2 million small businesses in Australia to reach their customers. 

For Stay Smart Online Week, Facebook Australia hosted an event in Sydney for small business operators in order to raise their awareness about the importance of online security.

With small businesses now being targeted by cyber criminals, Mia Garlick, the Policy Director of Facebook in Australia says that Facebook, with its 1.49 billion users worldwide, lives and breathes security as a core part of its culture and wants to help business get in front with their online security. Facebook also uses their Bug Bounty program to engage with their customers to help find any bugs in their online security systems to prevent malware.

The best way to protect your business’ Page is to protect your personal Facebook account. Just as you log in through your profile to access your Page, so do hackers to gain access to your Page via your personal account, if your personal account is compromised. So the main advice for small business is to use the advanced security settings on your Facebook profile. Protecting your account will protect the integrity of your business’s Facebook page.  As users are now online across many devices such as laptops, smartphone and tablets, small businesses also need to secure their account on all devices using strong passwords with different passwords for different key accounts.

Another key issue for small business, given the risk of so-called insider attacks from disgruntled employees, is to have clear internal guidelines about who manages their Facebook page, with different levels of access for administrators, editors, moderators, advertisers and analysts.  It is also important to remove access for employees who are leaving your business.

Matthew Landauer from the Australian Government’s Digital Transformation Office (DTO) talked about the Government’s commitment to provide a user-centred approach to delivering government services online to ensure they are simpler, faster and more humane.  DTO research has found that 55 per cent of the 1.8 million Australians accessing government services online have experienced problems.  To address this, the DTO has embarked on the development of a prototype of what government online might look like, with a one-stop point of access across all government services, eventually to include State and Territory governments.  Adopting the culture of start-ups, the DTO has set themselves a 20 week deadline to deliver the prototype.  Their approach, based on the philosophy that ‘big things grow out of little things’, is to ‘iterate wildly’, acknowledging that success in meeting user needs comes from building, responding to user experiences, learning and adapting in a continual innovation and learning process.

As trust is hugely important for citizens’ information when using government services, the DTO makes use of ethical hackers to continually test their security systems. Matthew advises all small businesses to follow the simple steps outlined in the Stay Smart Online Small Business Guide to keep their businesses safe and ensure that online security breaches do not put them out of business or cost them their customers’ trust.

Andy Mackay who supports small business from his Facebook base in Singapore advised representatives of small business and business advisors from the major banks on the importance of recognising the rise of mobile devices as the dominant channel for online engagement.  He gave some essential tips on how to most effectively use these devices for their small business purposes.  Most importantly he reminded them that Facebook now enables them to make changes to their Facebook page ‘on the run’ from their smart phones, and to makes these changes across all devices simultaneously.  Facebook also provides extensive analytics so that small business can track how their page and posts are meeting the needs of their customers, remembering that Facebook is first and foremost a consumer platform that connects people across the world.

Facebook provides assistance to small business on page. And you can use the Facebook Security Checkup tool to easily check and manage your security settings on your profile: