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Australian businesses affected by global hacking

21 December 2018

You may have seen news reports about the hacking of managed service providers globally. This serves as an important reminder that you need to have strong cyber security in place for your business. This includes using strong, different passwords and two-factor authentication for your online accounts, installing anti-virus software and keeping your software up-to-date.

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What’s happened?

Lots of organisations outsource the management of their IT systems to businesses called managed service providers (MSPs). Hackers have accessed the commercial secrets of many businesses around the world and in Australia by hacking into the IT systems of MSPs.

If you run a business and outsource your IT to an MSP, you might have been affected. You need to ask your MSP whether they have been compromised. The Australian Cyber Security Centre has advice for what steps to take at cyber.gov.au/msp-global-hack.

Are individuals affected?

There is no indication at this stage that individuals or the general public have been targeted.