Being smart online is all about protecting sensitive corporate and customer information, your brand and your reputation, which are the most important assets your business will own. While every business is different, raising awareness of safe online behaviour is critical, regardless of industry, the state of the market or internal circumstances.

To help your business stay safe and secure online, we have collated a few simple tips from businesses that are effectively managing their information security risks.

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Tips for improving employee awareness

This guide provides tips for businesses at a range of sizes and stages of developing information awareness and security programs. Some tips are more useful for businesses starting to develop their programs (Level 1), while others are more relevant to businesses taking advanced steps such as implementing cultural change to protect themselves and their workers (Level 2 - 3).

So whatever your size or budget, this guide will help you raise awareness of cyber safety within your organisation.

The Guide has been developed by the Australian Government's Stay Smart Online Initiative in collaboration with the New Zealand Government's Connect Smart Initiative along with Australia Post, Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited, Commonwealth Bank, NBN Co, National Australia Bank, Westpac and Telstra.