World Backup Day

The annual World Backup Day is an independent initiative to educate and remind people how important it is to regularly back up and preserve data. The initiative was started by a couple of concerned internet users.

The slogan for 2017 was “DON'T BE AN APRIL FOOL. Be prepared. Back up your files on March 31st.”

As part of World Backup Day 2017, Stay Smart Online reminded people that regularly backing up their data should be part of everyday life. We know that data or access to data stored on a personal computer, phone or tablet can be lost, often without any warning. Hardware failure, theft, natural disaster or malware infection can make recovering data expensive or impossible.  

To further support the initiative we developed a short animated video which shows a range of everyday situations where having a ‘back up plan’ in place can prevent problems. Watch it on YouTube.

World Backup Day

For more information visit World Backup Day