Cyber Safety at Tax Time 2019

Stay Smart Online has teamed up with the Australian Taxation Office to bring you tips and resources to help you stay safe online at tax time.  

Tips to stay safe online this tax time

Tax time is a prime time for cybercriminals trying to get their hands on your money and personal details! Whether you’re a business owner, tax professional or individual, there are some simple things you can do to apply good cyber security practices and avoid tax time scams.

Cyber safety at tax time resources

Share these resources with your staff, customers and stakeholders to highlight the importance of safe cyber practices at a time of heightened cyber security risk and an increased volume of consumers interacting online this tax time.

Tax time case studies

Every year at tax time the risk to your personal information or business data increases. Remain vigilant to ATO impersonation scams targeting Australians and protect your personal information when interacting online. Here are some of the more common forms of cyber threats and scams that the ATO advises Australians to look out for this year, and the Australian Cyber Security Centre’s tips for avoiding them.

Tax inVoice podcast

Tune in for episode 13, Scams and Identity Protection, of Tax inVoice, a podcast which features Deputy Chair of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, Delia Rickard; ATO Assistant Commissioner of Individuals, Karen Foat; and Australian Cyber Security Centre representative Karl Hanmore discussing scams, personally-identifying information and cyber security.

Where to get help

Falling victim to an online scam, a virus or other internet nasty can be frustrating and unpleasant but help is always available!