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Get involved

It makes sense to protect yourself when you are online and you can encourage others to be smarter online too. There are many ways you can help your colleagues, communities, friends and family improve their online security.

Being safe online is everyone’s business and everyone is welcome to be part of our Stay Smart Online community. Being part of our community is a great way to stay up to date with cyber security issues and share updates with your networks.

  • You can also get involved in events like National Awareness Week when we raise awareness about how people can protect themselves online, and share tips and resources on how to improve your cyber security.
  • Sign up for the Stay Smart Online alert service. It is free and you will receive email updates on the latest online threats including tips on how to protect yourself.
  • We have made it easier for our industry partners to promote cyber security at work, download one of our Partner resource kits.
  • Find out what Stay Smart Online and our partners have been up to and what we’ve got planned.