Talking to people via your computer and broadband connection is called Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Like all uses of the internet, there are risks with using VoIP if you are not properly protected.

VoIP Threat Activity Consequences
Service theft Obtain your service credentials and break into your voice mailbox.
  • make calls using your Caller ID at your expense
  • call you under a false Caller ID to get information from you
  • call you to lure you into fake moneymaking schemes or making fake purchases.
Breach of privacy and identity theft
  • Collect unencrypted VoIP data
  • Eavesdrop on your private conversations.
  • reconstruct a conversation
  • obtain personal information about you which could be used to steal your identity.
Vishing - VoIP equivalent of phishing (hoax) emails Fake Caller IDs used to trick you into believing the person calling you is actually a representative from a legitimate business.
  • get your banks details, secondary authentication details or personal information
  • this information can be used to steal money from your accounts or to steal your identity.
Spam over internet telephony (SPIT) –VoIP equivalent of spam Telemarketers could easily send large amounts of messages to VoIP customers.
  • the same as any spam activity

Minimise security risks when using VoIP by:

  • ensuring you have the latest version of anti-virus and anti-spyware software and a firewall on your computer, and making sure this software is activated and regularly updated
  • using strong password for your VoIP software to keep it private
  • setting up your service to allow connections only from people you know and block everyone else to prevent strangers calling you
  • checking your VoIP provider's website regularly to see if there are any updates or patches for the software
  • using encryption software for both your installation and for those you wish to talk to.

Where to get help

Issue Contact
You are experiencing difficulties connecting to the internet Your internet service provider.
You are experiencing difficulties using VoIP software on your computer or device
  • your VoIP provider's website
  • your computer or device manufacturer's website
  • Whirlpool or other discussion forums.
Information on recent threats Sign up to the free Stay Smart Online Alert Service.

A full list of useful contacts can be found on the Contact us page.

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