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Software providers issue updates to address vulnerabilities

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9 March 2016

Software providers including Microsoft, Adobe, Google and Mozilla have released updates to address vulnerabilities in their widely used products.

Microsoft has issued its March 2016 Security Bulletin summarising bulletins released for the month. These bulletins advised of vulnerabilities affecting products such as Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, .NET Framework and Microsoft Windows.

Microsoft rated five security bulletins issued on 8 March in the United States as 'critical', the highest level, and eight as 'important', the next level down. Critical security issues may open the door for code to be executed without user interaction, while important issues could lead to user data being compromised.

Adobe has issued security bulletins to address vulnerabilities in its Acrobat, Reader and Digital Edition products. An attacker could exploit the vulnerabilities in Adobe Acrobat and Reader for Windows and Macintosh to control affected systems. Adobe said its update for Adobe Digital Editions 4.5.0 and earlier versions resolves a critical memory corruption vulnerability that could enable an attacker to execute code on the affected systems.

In addition, Google has released a new version of Chrome for Windows, Mac and Linux¾version 49.0.2623.87¾to address a range of vulnerabilities.

Mozilla has issued updates to address vulnerabilities in its Firefox and Firefox ESR products, with Firefox 45 and Firefox ESR 38.7 now available.

Stay Smart Online recommends you apply all relevant updates as quickly as possible.

Information on automating updates is available here. Automatic updates minimise the risk of you delaying or forgetting to apply an update, and restrict the ability of attackers to gain access to your computer and sensitive personal and financial data.

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Stay Smart Online has information on automating updates.

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