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Mozilla updates Firefox browser to address security flaws

Priority Level: 
28 April 2016

Mozilla updates Firefox browser to address security flaws: Alert Priority High 

Mozilla has released security updates to protect users against vulnerabilities in its widely used internet browsers.

Attackers can exploit vulnerabilities in software remotely to take control of computer systems, and gain access to sensitive personal information, including online banking details, that they can use to steal victims’ money or identities.

Stay Smart Online recommends that where technology companies enable you to automatically apply security updates when they become available, you do so. Information on automating updates is available here. Automatic updates minimise the risk of you delaying or forgetting to apply an update, and restrict the ability of attackers to gain access to your computer and sensitive personal and financial data.

Mozilla’s latest updates address several vulnerabilities in its standard Firefox browser and Firefox ESR (Extended Support Release), a version of the browser intended for businesses and government organisations. Users can review the advisories for Firefox and Firefox ESR and update to Firefox 46 or Firefox ESR 45.1.

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Stay Smart Online has information on automating updates.