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Mozilla releases security update

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9 March 2017

Mozilla has released an update to address security vulnerabilities in Firefox. You should apply this update as soon as possible to minimise risk to your computers, devices and information.

You are advised to review security bulletins and advisories from any vendor you use and apply their updates as soon as possible. Many vendors allow you to automate the process of updating their software.  

Security updates address vulnerabilities in computer systems that attackers can otherwise use to gain access to systems or information.  

A vulnerability is a weakness that can leave a computer and its systems open to attack. Attacks can be carried out a number of ways, including through malicious software (malware) such as viruses and spyware that can monitor a users’ activity on a computer and stop systems operating properly.

More information

Stay Smart Online has information on automating updates.

The information provided here is of a general nature. Everyone's circumstances are different. If you require specific advice you should contact your local technical support provider.