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Flaw in Wi-Fi connections leaves users vulnerable to attacks

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17 October 2017

This means attackers could steal sensitive information such as credit card numbers, passwords, photos, chat messages and emails.

The vulnerability, which is being called KRACK (key reinstallation attacks), affects all Wi-Fi connected devices including mobile phones, tablets, computers and internet routers.

However, for attackers to access a Wi-Fi network, they need to be close to the targeted devices.

How to stay safe

Make sure you install the latest software updates (patches) to your devices and contact your device vendor for more information.

  • Some vendors have already released software patches that fix the flaw.

Treat any wireless network you use as potentially vulnerable and make sure you protect yourself using the advice on Stay Smart Online.

More information

More information about how to stay safe using public Wi-Fi is available on Stay Smart Online.