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Does your business use Intel’s AMT? Then keep reading!

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16 January 2018

Last week we reported on Intel, ARM and AMD processor vulnerabilities that could allow cybercriminals to steal personal data from computer systems.

Now researchers have discovered a new flaw that affects devices using Intel’s Active Management Technology (AMT). The flaw could allow security controls such as BIOS or Bitlocker passwords to be bypassed if someone got physical access to a device using AMT. This would allow a cybercriminal to later gain remote access to the compromised laptop.

AMT is a management feature of Intel products that enables administrators to remotely manage devices. The feature is found on devices such as laptops, desktops and servers.

Staying safe

If you don’t need AMT, you should disable it in the device BIOS straightaway.

If you do need it, change the default ‘admin’ password to something that is hard to guess. Read our tips for creating strong passwords.

We also recommend corporate laptops are never left out of a user's sight, especially in public places such as airports.

More information

For more information on keeping your business safe visit Stay Smart Online.