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Apply Netgear updates to fix router vulnerability

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19 December 2016

Netgear is releasing firmware updates to address a severe vulnerability in routers used to forward data from one network to another. The vulnerability impacts routers used in homes and offices and enables an attacker to reconfigure, disable or restart affected devices.

The router vendor says it acknowledges the vulnerability and fixes are available for some models affected by the vulnerability. In a message current on Friday 16 December, Netgear said it was working on fixes for the remaining models.

Users that visit malicious websites can open their Netgear routers to messages that allow attackers to deliver a wide range of commands that the device then executes. If your router allows for external administration, attackers can also directly exploit your router by sending a specially crafted message.

While disabling external access to the router’s administration interface can protect against this problem, you should update the firmware on your router to correct the flaw.

The relevant production firmware updates are available from these pages:




The Netgear advisory also includes links to semi-tested beta firmware updates that temporarily fix the problem in other models affected. However, the company advises that users who apply beta updates should then apply the production firmware updates when they become available.

To update firmware, read the instructions carefully before you begin and seek technical advice if you are unsure about taking a particular step.

More information

Stay Smart Online contains information on ensuring software updates are applied.

The information provided here is of a general nature. Everyone's circumstances are different. If you require specific advice you should contact your local technical support provider.