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Alert ratings explained

We are often asked what the ratings on alerts mean. Below we outline what the ratings are and what they mean for you.

When a new risk is identified, we assess the relevance to Australian Internet users and grade the threat with a priority level.

To determine a priority level, the contents of the Alert are given a cumulative score out of 20 using a criteria that takes into account the potential for damage, the time frame of the threat, how likely it is that the risk will be exploited by a malicious actor, and the level of user control/ technicality required to address the risk.

The cumulative score out of 20 is then used to apply one of the following priority levels:

    Urgent – This grading is rarely used as it means a threat requires immediate user attention

    High – Users should act on advice to ensure their safety, security or privacy is maintained

    Moderate – Users would benefit from further information or preparing action

    Low – This grading is rarely used as these threats are rarely worth publishing

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