About us

Stay Smart Online is part of the Australian Cyber Security Centre.

The Stay Smart Online program was first established in 2006. Today the program involves a community of more than 80,000 individuals and organisations, all committed to sharing online safety information.

Stay Smart Online provides topical, relevant and timely information on how home internet users and small businesses can protect themselves from, and reduce the risk of, cyber security threats such as software vulnerabilities, online scams, malicious activities and risky online behaviours.

Australians are increasingly relying on the internet in their everyday lives for banking, shopping, education, socialising and communication. It is therefore important that they are able to use the internet in a secure and confident manner. The aim of Stay Smart Online is to give Australians the skills and knowledge to be secure and confident in the digital age.

This website and our other online channels, such as Facebook and YouTube, were developed to increase the reach of the program and to meet the changing needs of Australian internet users. Our aim is to deliver online safety information in places you can easily find that is simple to understand, helpful and relevant.

The Stay Smart Online program and its services have grown over the past decade to encompass a vibrant, multi-platform presence with unique and engaging content.

The main components of the Stay Smart Online program are the:

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