The Budd:e Cyber Security education package comprises a series of media-rich and interactive learning activities for Australian schools students. The package comprises two learning modules - one for primary students and one for secondary students - which help students adopt safe and secure online practices.

Budd:e is a fun and engaging learning experience where kids play games for points, learn important Cyber Security and safety behaviours, while building their very own personalised robot or cyborg.

Cyber security and safety topics covered in the package include advice on malware, securing personal information online and tips for safe social networking. Each module includes a glossary and useful background information for teachers and parents

The Budd:e Cyber Security education package is a key component of the Australian Government's online safety and security awareness initiative, aimed at creating a safer, more secure online environment for all Australians. Budd:e is consistent with the Ministerial Council on Education, Early Childhood Development and Youth Affairs' Statements of Learning for Information and Communication Technologies.

View the Budd:e Primary introductory video.

View the Budd:e Secondary introductory video.


BuddePrimaryBudd: e Primary

Budd:e for primary schools offers fun and engaging games and activities to build unique robots, while introducing basic practices that will equip children to stay safe and secure online. Topics include privacy, password creation, protecting personal details, virus scanning, secure websites, and scams.

Access the Budd:e primary - education module.

buddeSecondaryBudd:e Secondary

Budd:e for secondary schools explores advanced online safety and security topics, including: creating content, file sharing, pop-ups, privacy, sharing, scams, spam, spyware, malware, phishing, online transactions and computer viruses. Students can earn points answering questions to 'buy' parts and accessories to build a unique cyborg that can be used as an avatar on social networking sites.

Access the Budd:e secondary Cyber Security education module.

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