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Budde secondaryThe following page provides information and tips on using social networking sites safely, dealing with cyber-bullying and online grooming and how to secure your mobile phone.

A fun way to explore issues of online safety and security is through our Budd:e Cybersecurity interactive education package.


BuddePrimaryBudd: e Primary

Budd:e for primary schools offers fun and engaging games and activities to build unique robots, while introducing basic practices that will equip children to stay safe and secure online. Topics include privacy, password creation, protecting personal details, virus scanning, secure websites, and scams.

buddeSecondaryBudd:e Secondary

Budd:e for secondary schools explores advanced online safety and security topics, including: creating content, file sharing, pop-ups, privacy, sharing, scams, spam, spyware, malware, phishing, online transactions and computer viruses. Students can earn points answering questions to 'buy' parts and accessories to build a unique cyborg that can be used as an avatar on social networking sites.


EasyguideCheck out the Easy Guide to Socialising Online for information about the cybersafety features of social media sites.

nThe Cybersafety Help Button is a new Australian Government initiative designed to keep children and families safe online. The help button is an online resource that gives children and young people easy access to cyber safety information and assistance. You can download the button now at the Department of Communications' website.

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    Use strong passwords and a different password for each social networking site.