The Australian Government providing online safety and security information for Australian internet users on the simple steps they can take to protect their personal and financial information online.


  • Privacy Awareness Week 2014

    10 Apr 2014

    Privacy Awareness Week 2014

    Privacy Awareness Week will be held from 4–10 May 2014.

    The focus of the week will be on encouraging organisations to build a culture that respects privacy and assisting individuals to understand their privacy rights.

    To find out more about how to get involved see the OAIC website.

  • tay Smart Online Week Logo

    08 Apr 2014

    Stay Smart Online Week

    This year, Stay Smart Online Week will be held from 2 to 6 June 2014.

    As internet use takes off and gets more mobile, the theme will be ‘On The Go’, promoting the simple steps we can all take to protect our personal and financial information online.

  • Be Deadly Online Image

    07 Apr 2014

    Be Deadly Online

    Our partners at Cybersmart ACMA have launched the ‘Be Deadly Online’ campaign tackling cyberbullying, digital footprint and sexting. Be Deadly Online responds to Indigenous community leaders’ concerns about the impact of social media on family and community relationships.

  • 03 Apr 2014

    Helping children become safe and secure online

    Stay Smart Online partner, Microsoft, shares a blog by Abul Rizvi of the Department of Communications on helping children become safe and secure online.

    Mr Rizvi discusses the important role of parents and carers in helping children have safe and positive experiences on the internet.

  • Cyber Security Challenge Australia

    12 Feb 2014

    Cyber Security Challenge Australia

    The Cyber Security Challenge Australia 2014 is the national cyber security competition for university/TAFE undergraduates across Australia and will commence at 12 noon on Wednesday 7th May 2014 and run for 24 hours. To register go to

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23 Apr 2014

Apple releases security updates for iOS and OSX: SSO Alert Priority High

Apple has released important security updates for iOS and OSX operating systems. The updates also contain improvements and fixes, and they address a number of vulnerabilities that could be targeted by an attacker.More detail about the security aspects of the updates is available on Apple’s website.i

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